Empowering music

Sing Out is a project that gives a voice to the LGBTQ+ community. Through exploration of challenges faced such as stigma, discrimination and inequality, groups are supported to create new music which addresses these issues. Musical knowledge or experience isn’t necessary. All participants need is a story to share or the willingness to make a difference. Groups are brought together with local LGBTQ+ musicians to turn their thoughts into words, into music.


Project Leader Steven Smith worked within the LGBT youth charity sector in Scotland for over 8 years. He had used music in workshop settings with young people to explore issues they are facing and found this to be a very successful process. Equality and creativity are his two main passions, and so working with both seemed like a natural next step. There is a lack of LGBT representation in music, particularly in the exploration of relationships and issues that LGBT people face, and supporting young people to create something from their own stories was very powerful. He wanted to develop this model for a bigger songwriting project working with LGBT people, and the opportunity arose to pitch this after joining the London Gay Men’s Chorus in January 2015 and hearing of their education work. The Innovate Fund from Sound Connections provided the perfect opportunity to start this project.