Mosaic and LGMC

This is the project where Sing Out began. Funded through Sound Connections’ Innovate fund, a partnership was formed between Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre and London Gay Men’s Chorus. Steven delivered a songwriting programme with young people from Mosaic, supported by their youth work team and volunteers from the London Gay Men’s Chorus. Over 3 creative sessions, stories were shared, big topics discussed, snacks consumed, flipchart covered and bonds created. And of these workshops, a song was created – and a pretty catchy one at that!


‘Teacher, Teacher’ calls for equality in education about sexual orientation and gender identity. Although laws have certainly made it easier to be LGBTQ+ in the UK, young people still feel there is a lack of support and clear information in schools for them. This song sends out a message for change, loud and clear! It was recorded at The Roundhouse, with young people and members from the London Gay Men’s Chorus stepping into a studio for the first time alongside professional musicians.


The project culminated in a performance for friends, family and community members, showcasing the work of the young people and the new partnership between Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre and the London Gay Men’s Chorus.


Mosaic now hopes to establish an LGBT youth chorus with the support of Steven, Sing Out and the LGMC – watch out for updates!


‘The sing out project was amazing, I loved every process from writing the lyrics to coming up with a beat and singing the song on stage. We need this project again, it really showed everyone's talent’ Member of Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre


‘At the beginning of the project I was kind of hesitant about singing on my own, and by the end of it I was soloing two verses – that escalated pretty quickly! So yeah, it’s definitely brought out my confidence!’ Member of Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre


‘The buzz and excitement of the young people was unreal as they entered the recording studios at the Camden Roundhouse to professionally record their very own track! In all the excitement of the sound desks, microphones, a stunning band and the glamour of a studio, the fact that this was all about what they wanted to say and making sure they were heard was something none of us could help but be moved by.’ Volunteer from London Gay Men’s Chorus


‘A marvellous and moving evening and a wonderful example of the power of music and of the work of Mosaic and LGMC.’ Audience member from final performance




A massive thank you to…


Sound Connections, Youth Music and Arts Council England for funding the Sing Out project


Members of Mosaic LGBT Youth Centre and Kathryn Sleigh (Youth Worker) and Lukasz Konieczka (Manager)


London Gay Men’s Chorus, in particular Ben Fritchley, James Raynard, John MacLean, Mark Kember, Tim Jones, Simon Sharp, Chris Pethers, John D. Carrion, Michael Cheetham, Andy Levey, Anthony Hull, Harrie Brom


Musicians Connor Jones, Dan Gill, Dan Ezard, Joe Pearson, Joe Shaw, Stuart Middleton


Will Dawson and his team at Raw Pictures


The Roundhouse and sound engineer Grace Banks


Sebastien Sauvetre for his design work